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This leather belt features a structured cut that perfectly hugs the body’s.

With its thin buckle strap, it adjusts perfectly to your waist.

*Materials: Genuine leather, nickel buckle.

*Color: black.

*Belt size (3 holes on the belt):

25.5" (65 cm): 24.5-25.5-26.5 Inches (62.5-65-67.5 cm);

27.5" (70 cm): 26.5-27.5-28.5 Inches (67.5-70-72.5 cm);

29.5" (75 cm): 28.5-29.5-30.5 Inches (72.5-75-77.5 cm);

31.5" (80 cm): 30.5-31.5-32.5 Inches (77.5-80-82.5 cm);

33.5" (85 cm): 32.5-33.5-34.5 Inches (82.5-85-87.5 cm);

35.5" (90 cm): 34.5-35.5-36.5 Inches (87.5-90-92.5 cm).

Width about 2,3"-3,9" (6-10cm) depending on size.

!!! The measurement must be taken over the clothing on which you will wear the belt.

This belt can be made to order for you. 

When ordering, please indicate belt size and color.

The shape of the buckle may differ from the buckle in the photo.

At the request of the customer, the buckle can be in gold color (please write when ordering).

*Please write your phone number when ordering, the courier will need it.

*Production: cutting openwork pattern, painting with water-based polyurethane paint, sewing. 

*I can't accept returns and exchanges, because I only make all products to order, especially for you, in accordance with your size and color.

*If you need an order for a specific date, please order early.

I try my best to represent colors as close to the real ones as possible but each computer screen shows colors differently so they may vary in tones.

The colors shown on the display are electronically reproduced. They do not replace the original colors, as the perception of shades is influenced by factors such as surface structure, gloss and lighting, among others.

Each product is unique for its production and may differ from the photos.

The discrepancy between the color of the product and the color of the photo of the product in the listing displayed on your screen, as well as any subjective sensations from the product (smell, tactile sensations, etc.) cannot be a reason for returning the product if you did not inform me about your features in advance.

*** SHIPPING ***

*Free worldwide shipping!

*Estimated shipping times:

United States: from 2 weeks

Canada: from 2 weeks

Europe: from 2 weeks

United Kingdom: from 2 weeks

*Final delivery times are determined by the postal services.

!!! In connection with the international situation, the delivery time of international shipments may be increased.

Dear customers, please note that the package delivered to your country may be subject to import, customs and/or destination country fees. These fees are collected from the buyer upon the arrival of the package in the country of destination.

Leather waist belt. Wide leather belt.

Cod SKU: r8b7kj04
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